Black, Brown and Tanned

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[edit] Characters

Japanase Anime and Manga Characters: straight from Japan. Includes OVA's.

Video Game Characters: from old school (Street Fighter) to new school (Gears of War).

Non-Japanese Animation, Comics and Other Characters: from Afro Samurai to Winx Club. Also the catch-all for things such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.

[edit] External Lists

There are other sites that extensively list movie, television and comic book superheroes. Rather than duplicating their content, we list some of the more well known characters here.

Black Superheroes and Black Animated Characters on Wikipedia: List includes characters such as: Storm[*] and Synch from X-Men; The Green Lantern John Stewart[*]; Morpheus and Niobe[*] from The Matrix; Frozone[*] from The Incredibles; Teal'c from Stargate SG-1; Brown Hornet from Fat Albert; Black Panther, Nick Fury, Captain America Isaiah Bradley & Luke Cage from Marvel Comics; Cyborg[*] and Bumblebee[*] from Teen Titans; The Falcon from The Avengers; several Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; Mister Terrific Michael Holt[*] from Justice League; Spawn; Blade; Static[*] from Static Shock; Bishop from X-Men; War Machine from Iron Man; Black Vulcan[*] from Super Friends; Roadblock[*] and Stalker[*] from G.I. Joe; Black Lightning from DC Comics;

Hispanic and Latino/a Superheroes on Wikipedia: List includes characters such as: Angel Salvadore from X-Men comics; Callisto from X-Men; Zorro from Adventures of the Lone Ranger;

Native American Superheroes on Wikipedia: List includes characters such as: Apache Chief[*] from Super Friends; Elisa Maza[*] and Derek Maza[*] from Gargoyles; Silver Fox and Warpath from X-Men;

African Superheroes on Wikipedia: List includes characters such as: Storm[*] from X-Men; Vixen[*] from Justice League; Anasi the Spider from Static Shock; Black Panther from Marvel Comics;

[*] == Also listed in Animation and Comics

[edit] Series

List of Series where the majority or a large subset of characters are dark-skinned. Also covers video games where the player can choose their appearance to be dark-skinned.

IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of tinghs like that?

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